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First Lady Rosalynn Carter Endorses Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Barksdale

“I'm proud to support and endorse Jim Barksdale for United States Senate. I've gotten to know Jim as a Member of the Board of Councilors of The Carter Center. Jim's a man of integrity who cares deeply for his community, Georgia, and the United States of America. Most importantly, he has a profound sense of personal responsibility to build a better world for the next generation. Georgia needs a fighter for the middle-class, and Jim Barksdale is that man. On November 8th, I hope all Georgians will join me and vote for Jim Barksdale.” READ MORE >>

New Emerson College Poll Shows Barksdale Surging

The latest Emerson College Poll released today shows Jim Barksdale surging and closing the gap with Senator Isakson as Election Day nears. Additionally, this poll continues a pattern indicating that Senator Isakson struggles to break the 50%+1 threshold needed to avoid a run-off despite four-decades in the public eye.   READ MORE >>

Augusta Leaders Endorse Jim Barksdale for Senate

Fresh off his recent statewide “Jobs & Justice” tour, U.S. Senate candidate Jim Barksdale announces he received the endorsements of several community leaders from the greater Augusta area. These individuals understand that now is the time for all Georgians to stand up and choose a new Senator who will fight on their behalf rather than work to enrich special interests. READ MORE >>

New Poll: Barksdale Holds Early Voting Lead, Closes Polling Gap by 7 Points in One Month

In a new poll released today by Quinnipiac University, Jim Barksdale has a 47-46 among early voters in Georgia. Moreover, since the last Quinnipiac poll in September, the Barksdale campaign has quickly closed the polling gap by 7 points against a fading Senator Isakson. The momentum follows a successful reset and staffing moves by the Barksdale campaign in late September that has seen him traveling all over Georgia on listening tours and besting Senator Isakson in the election's only debate. READ MORE >>

Jim Barksdale Blasts Isakson for Failures on Enlistment Bonus Clawbacks

With more information emerging about the enlistment bonus clawback scandal, it's quickly becoming apparent that many Members of Congress have been aware of this issue for years and chose to do nothing. At the very least, as Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, Senator Isakson should have known bonus clawbacks are under discussion for the past three months as part of the conference committee on the annual National Defense Authorization Act (Section 642) that funds our military. READ MORE >>

Faith and Civil Rights Leaders Announce Support for Jim Barksdale

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Jim Barksdale, is honored to announce the endorsement of faith and civil rights leaders who advocate for Georgians. As shepherds in the movement in the fight for social justice, they understand that individuals must stand up to make their voices heard if all Georgians are to be represented in Washington. They understand a need for new voices in the political process who bring a fresh perspective and a vision that has been lacking in Georgia. READ MORE >>

Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Barksdale Embarks on Week-long “Jobs & Justice” Tour

The Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Jim Barksdale announces the Jobs & Justice Tour which will see the candidate travel across the state to meet with voters in order to understand their concerns and policy priorities. During the week-long tour, Jim will meet with unions, farmers, small business owners and social justice organizations to discuss taking personal responsibility in fighting rising inequality, discrimination, economic and social justice issues and how to fix a broken political system consisting of special interests. READ MORE >>

Jim Barksdale Delivers Strong Debate Performance

Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Jim Barksdale was the clear winner over Senator Johnny Isakson in a debate sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club. During the debate, Jim stressed the need for greater accountability and Washington and that he has the toughness to stand up to the corporate interests that dominate Washington’s agenda. READ MORE >>

U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Barksdale Earns Support of Latino Leaders

Today U.S. Senate candidate Jim Barksdale proudly announced endorsement of his candidacy by several of Georgia's Latino leaders and activists. The endorsement comes as advocates for the equal rights of Latinos and immigration reform know they will have a leader in Washington. READ MORE >>

U.S. Senate Candidate Jim Barksdale Announces Millennial Endorsers

U.S. Senate candidate Jim Barksdale announces several notable endorsers for his U.S. Senate run. These endorsements show millennials are leading the way in uniting the Democratic ticket up and down the ballot under the banner of Georgia Together as Georgia plays a significant role in deciding America's next President and the makeup of the U.S. Senate. READ MORE >>

Jim Barksdale for Senate Praises Voter Registration Deadline Victory, Calls for Further Extension

Jim Barksdale for Senate congratulates the Georgia NAACP, Georgia Coalition for the Peoples' Agenda, New Georgia Project, and Lawyers' Committee on their victory to extend voter registration in Chatham County through October 18th. This community, which was hit hard by Hurricane Matthew, saw its voter registration offices closed for the final six days prior to voter registration day. READ MORE >>

One Week In, Nine Women Have Come Forward: Isakson Still Endorses Trump

Today marks the one week anniversary of Donald Trump's horrific comments bragging about sexually assaulting and preying on married women. Since that time nine women from all walks of life -- two Miss America contestants, an "Apprentice" contestant, former employees and business vendors, and strangers he encountered in a club and on an airplane -- have come forward alleging Donald Trump sexually assaulted them stretching over a period of decades. READ MORE >>

Barksdale for Senate Adds Symone D. Sanders to Surging Campaign

Today Jim Barksdale for Senate announced Symone D. Sanders would join the surging campaign's team as a Senior Communications Strategist for the final sprint to Election Day on November 8th. With conventional wisdom about the race quickly shifting and Democratic challenger Jim Barksdale picking up steam, the addition of Sanders will bring even more national experience and expertise to the revamped senior team announced earlier this week. READ MORE >>

Barksdale Campaign Launches Black & Brown Listening Tour

Earlier this week the Barksdale for Senate campaign announced a Black & Brown Listening Tour that will see the Democratic candidate travel to all corners of Georgia. From meetings with institutions like the NAACP and Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials to sit-downs with religious and union leaders, Jim will be gathering knowledge to better understand concerns and policy priorities of these communities that are not being represented in the United States Senate. READ MORE >>

Statement On Senator Isakson’s Culpable Silence on Trump Tapes

Despite the horrific tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault, preying on married women, and describing women in terms that can't be played in earshot of a child, Senator Isakson continues to support Donald Trump for President. Unlike other Republican leaders from across America who repudiated Donald Trump's candidacy, Senator Isakson still endorses him, putting the support of the party over the dignity of mothers, daughters, sisters, and other women in our lives. READ MORE >>

Tenet Healthcare’s Kickback Scheme Another Example of Corporations Plundering Rigged Economy

Tenet Healthcare's $513 million settlement with the US Department of Justice for fraud and violation of federal kickback laws in Georgia is the latest demonstration that our health care system is focused on profits rather than serving people. The two Georgia hospitals involved, Atlanta Medical Center and North Fulton Hospital, cheated the Medicaid system by bribing clinics to illegally refer over 20,000 patients back to them. READ MORE >>

Johnny Isakson and His Broken Congress Kick the Can Down the Road Yet Again

Yesterday, Senator Johnny Isakson and Congress yet again abandoned one of their most basic duties by failing to pass a comprehensive budget that would strategically chart the course forward for our nation. Instead, Sen. Isakson and his Washington pals passed a short-term spending agreement that kicks the can down the road – just the latest evidence that Washington is broken and incapable of implementing a comprehensive strategic agenda that can help create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, and protect Social Security and Medicare. READ MORE >>

Isakson Votes to Sell Military Equipment to Country He Holds Responsible for 9/11

Yesterday, Senator Johnny Isakson voted to override a presidential veto of a bill that would allow 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi Arabian government for their support of terrorism. Yet just one week ago, Isakson voted to clear the way for a $1.15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia that would allow the Saudis to receive more than 130 tanks and 30 armored vehicles. The principal contractor for the deal is General Dynamics, whose PACs and executives have given Isakson nearly $50,000 in campaign contributions, including $23,300 in his current race. READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson continues to hold up Supreme Court nominee

Today marks 190 days since President Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, marking Garland as the longest wait between a nomination and confirmation in U.S. History. On Monday, Senator Isakson said he would “never support something I felt like is contrary to the intent of the U.S. Constitution,” although he has yet to even meet with the nominee. In 2005, Isakson said on the Senate floor that “every judge nominated by this President, or any president, deserves an up-or-down vote one way or another." READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson’s Disastrous Record on Immigration Reform

As we recognize Hispanic Heritage Month during a continuing national debate focused on US Immigration policy reform, Senator Isakson’s voting history proves that he is no friend to Georgia’s growing immigrant community. In 2013 Isakson voted against comprehensive immigration reform and continues to oppose any opportunity to provide a fair pathway to citizenship. READ MORE >>

AJC: Johnny Isakson’s changing view of judicial nominees

By Tamar Hallerman | September 19, 2016 - Hours after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson lined up with his Republican colleagues who said the Senate should wait until after the election to confirm a successor. “The American people are going to the polls to vote in November to pick the next president and I think the next president ought to be the one to fill that vacancy and not the president who’s going out,” Isakson told us on Feb. 13. It’s a different message from the one Isakson had in April 2005, when the then-new senator said in a floor speechthat “every judge ought to get an up-or-down vote”: READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson’s terrible voting record on bad trade deals hurts Georgia’s economy

Senator Isakson has not spoken out about his poor attendance at numerous committee hearings and has refused to debate across the state, so it’s no surprise that Senator Isakson has also continued to stay silent about his terrible voting record on bad trade deals. Isakson has voted for every bad foreign trade deal since he got to Washington. READ MORE >>

Where’s Johnny? Find out at

Investment manager and Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Jim Barksdale today launched highlighting Senator Isakson’s habitual skipping of committee hearings. Records show that Senator Isakson was silent in at least 71% of his Senate Commerce Committee hearings, 66% of his Senate Small Business hearings, and 55% of his Environment and Public Works hearings. READ MORE >>

Jim Barksdale’s Statement on the Anniversary of September 11

Today we remember the victims and brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice helping others on September 11, 2001. As we reflect on this tragedy and those who were lost, we remember that we responded to these acts of violence by coming together in unity and caring for one another. In honor of them and that day, may we endeavor to make that powerful unity our destination, rather than a memory. READ MORE >>

AJC: Jim Barksdale targets Johnny Isakson over snub of Latino judge

Democrat Jim Barksdale slammed Sen. Johnny Isakson this week over the scuttled appointment of a Latino judge to a spot on the federal bench, saying the Republican should have fought harder to convince colleagues to support him. The judge’s top adviser, though, called Isakson a “true statesman” and thanked the incumbent for his support. READ MORE >>

AJC: Georgia’s Democratic Senate candidate takes a page from Bernie Sanders’ playbook

September 6, 2016 | Tamar Hallerman Listen to Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jim Barksdale on the stump and you’d be excused for thinking you were watching another ivory-haired politician who made his mark in 2016. There’s plenty of rhetoric sharply critical of past trade deals, Wall Street deregulation and the role of corporate money in politics, paired with some decidedly professorial attire. And ask Barksdale, a political neophyte, about what it’s been like reaching out to the Democratic Party’s traditionally younger, non-white base and he shoots back, “Bernie was an old white guy too, right?” READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Back in Washington After Taking Recess While Zika Funding Stalls

CDC says it will run out of money to combat the virus at the end of September. - Last July, in midst of a Washington political fight over funding to address the deadly Zika virus, Senator Johnny Isakson said “it will be professional malpractice if we leave here for seven weeks and have not dealt with this.” Today, after a seven-week recess, the Senate will go back into regular session without a passed Zika funding bill. READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Not exhibiting leadership to confirm DeKalb County Justice Dax Lopez

Senior Senator Isakson stood idly by while Junior Senator David Perdue refused to allow a vote - In January, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson’s ineffectiveness for Georgians hit a new low when he refused to stand up to Georgia’s junior U.S. Senator David Perdue who decided to block DeKalb County Judge Dax Lopez – a nominee both Isakson and Perdue recommended for the position – from getting a fair up or down confirmation vote. Rather than imploring his junior colleague do the right thing and allow a vote, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that “Sen. Johnny Isakson…respected Perdue’s decision but is ‘disappointed that Judge Lopez won’t get a hearing.’” READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Barksdale Campaign Reacts to Isakson Skipping Debates

Dave Hoffman, Campaign Manager for investment manager and Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Jim Barksdale, released the following statement in response to Atlanta Journal Constitution reporting this afternoon that Senator Isakson will be skipping all but one debate in the general election. READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson voted against refinancing student loans at lower rates

Isakson grows debt for new graduates - When Senator Isakson voted against allowing those with student loan debt to refinance their loans at lower rates, he contributed to making lives more difficult for new graduates. No matter how much they pay, new graduates are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to help them get ahead thanks to Senator Isakson. Where's Johnny? Clearly on the wrong side of higher education. READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson voted to cut Pell Grants, which over 270,000 Georgia students rely on

Isakson voted to make it harder for Georgia Students to pay for higher education - Senator Isakson voted to cut student Pell Grants for up to 1.7 million students–the largest cut to Pell Grants in the history of the program – despite the fact that today over 270,000 Georgia students rely on it as a crucial step toward making higher education more affordable. Isakson is part of the problem in Washington that contributes to the escalating cost of higher education by making a college degree unattainable for thousands of Georgians. Where’s Johnny? On the wrong side of higher education. READ MORE >>

: AP/ABC News: Trump-Clinton Race Tests Senate Race in Reliably GOP Georgia

Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson insists he won't be a "volunteer apologist" for Donald Trump or anyone else who utters something stupid, but that defiant independence is being sorely tested by the GOP presidential nominee's sinking support and Democrat Hillary Clinton's push into surprisingly competitive Georgia. READ MORE >>

WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson Advocated Raising the Retirement Age for Social Security

This week marked 81 years since the Social Security Act was signed into law, and today the program is crucial to providing retirement security to over 1.1 million Georgia seniors and over 42 million seniors nationwide. Yet, Isakson supported raising the Social Security retirement age to 69, which would significantly cut benefits for all retirees, heavily impacts income inequality and overall, undercuts the purpose of Social Security. READ MORE >>


Did he even bother showing up? While on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, Senator Isakson was silent in at least 40% of his hearings devoted to issues affecting women and families like healthcare equality, equal pay, and the success of Title IX. This is the fourth committee where Isakson had missed nearly half of the hearings when he sat on the committee. Where’s Johnny? READ MORE >>

Jim Barksdale Challenges Senator Isakson to Six Debates Across Georgia

Investment manager Jim Barksdale, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, today challenged incumbent U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson to a series of six debates to discuss economic issues that matter most to Georgians to be held in each of the state’s major media markets (Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah). The debate challenge comes after a SurveyUSA poll shows that Jim has narrowed Isakson’s lead to single digits. READ MORE >>


Another Example of Isakson putting Partisanship First

ATLANTA – 18 weeks ago, President Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Since then, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson has refused to even meet Judge Garland, as doing so according to Isakson would “rush” the confirmation process. The 126 days that Garland has waited for a confirmation hearing marks the longest wait between nomination and confirmation in U.S. history, surpassing the 125 days Louis Brandeis waited in 1916.



ATLANTA – The campaign for investment manager Jim Barksdale, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, today responded to a false Republican Party attack on his stance to combat terrorism. In June the Atlanta Journal Constitution quoted Jim saying, “Terrorism is real and suspected terrorists should not be able to buy guns to kill Americans.” Campaign manager Dave Hoffman issued the following reaction: Senator Isakson’s war in Iraq cost thousands of American lives and added trillions to our debt while creating the power vacuum and chaos that gave rise to ISIS. READ MORE >>

FYN: Senate Candidate Jim Barksdale Campaigns in Pickens County

Jim Barksdale, Georgia Democrat’s candidate for US Senate, spoke at Pickens County Democratic Party’s monthly meeting in Jasper in mid-June. Mr. Barksdale will be up against Johnny Isakson, who has served in the Senate for twelve years. Mr. Barksdale began explaining his platform with his view of what a conservative is. READ MORE >>

Jim Barksdale Accepts Democratic Nomination for U.S. Senate

Text as prepared of Jim Barksdale's post-primary victory speech as prepared that was delivered at the IBEW Local 613 headquarters in Atlanta on May 26.

"As a business person, I’m well aware of the concerns that business people have, that government can impede commerce through meddling, but I have no respect for corporations that rob from the public good for private interests." READ MORE >>

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Jim Barksdale Sounds a Populist Note in Georgia Senate Bid

"That’s a significant shift in policy for a party whose recent nominees for U.S. Senate have embraced more moderate stances to beat Republican incumbents. And Barksdale, an Atlanta investment manager who wrapped up the Democratic nomination two days ago, made clear that he was aiming to energize his party’s liberal base in his November campaign against Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson." READ MORE >>

AP: Favored Democrat, incumbent U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson face primary challengers

Barksdale said in a recent interview that he never considered a run for any public office until approached by top Democrats. Barksdale said he voted for Bernie Sanders in Georgia’s Democratic primary, based on the Vermont senator’s support for campaign financial system changes. For years, he backed Republican candidates until opposition to the war in Iraq turned him toward Democrats and the party’s platform. READ MORE >>

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Jim Barksdale clings to outsider message – and his cap – in first Senate TV ad

"I’m Jim Barksdale. I’m not a politician and I can prove it. I wear this hat. I’m an investment manager, and I stood against the Wall Street crowd to protect my clients’ retirement. Now I’m running for the Senate to stand against the Washington crowd and their bad trade deals, wasteful spending and mass incarceration. I approve this message because most of all, I’ll stand against the crowd to ensure equal opportunities for all Americans. And I’ll keep this hat, too." READ MORE >>

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Isakson challenger Barksdale outlines his Senate strategy

Jim Barksdale has maintained a curiously quiet persona since joining the race to unseat Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson more than a month ago. A virtual unknown in Georgia’s political world, the Democratic Party’s hand-picked favorite to topple Isakson had said nary a word to the media and kept a low profile around the state. Barksdale broke his public silence in an interview Wednesday in his Buckhead office, pledging to run as an outsider who will seize on familiar themes of economic distress in Georgia and stifling gridlock in Washington to make his case. READ MORE >>


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